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 Mailbox for Library Journal Cover Story

Letters about the Library Journal cover story:

New Jersey's campaign is certainly a wake-up call for library associations across the country to stand up and be counted so people know who we are and what we do, whether in the public or educational setting.

I would greatly appreciate any of the available promotional items you might be able to spare so my partner and I can show them at our presentation. Also, if you know that your on-line store is up and running before our conference in early November, please let me know. I am sure we will be sending droves of people to your website!

Thanks in advance for your help,

Shelley Lazarus
Orchard Lake, MI

I love the Super Librarian. I wish it were here in Illinois. If you make
an action figure of the Super Librarian, I would be first in line to buy
it. Here in Illinois, I am InfoWmn, or so my automobile license reads.
You guys really rock. Thanks for the smiles.

Pat W
Electronic Resources Librarian
Glenview, IL

An excellent web-site and access guide to resources. I was given the reference from the Library council of Ireland. I'm a librarian and at the moment I'm working on a Public Library Research Programme on Marketing. New Jersey have obviously put a lot of thought and enegry into this whole area of marketing. We are only starting to draw up guidelines here in Ireland. I would be interested in seeing any documentation you have, including a marketing plan,policies and models of practice etc. Many thanks.

Hazel Percival
Wexford County Council
Library Management Services,


I wish New York State had such a cool campaign for us librarians! Since we do not
yet, is there anyway that I could purchase just 1 "Super Librarian" button? I
only saw bulk prices on your website. Thank you.

Great idea! Keep it up!

Remsenburg, NY

I am a Librarian in San Francisco, am originally from New Jersey. I was both delighted and proud (of NJ!) when I saw the "Super Librarian" Library Journal cover and story. Congratulations on a fabulous campaign!! I just wanted to send you this article the SF Chronicle did a couple of years ago. When it came out I heard responses similr to the mixed reviews about your Super Librarian campaign. Many were thrilled by the fact that my picture & article busted the rigid librarian stereotype of the past while promoting Libraries and Librarianship while others expressed concern about our ongoing struggle for absloulte professionalism. In any case, one of the best things that came out of this was the great number of people who approached me about pursuing their own career in Librarianship...

Check out the article:

Congratulations on a wonderful campaign and good luck!

Nicole Termini, Librarian I
San Francisco Public Library

What a great image you have created! Super Librarian hits home immediatley
as a true representation of the roles we perform each day in our libraries.
I just emailed a letter to the Library Journal about your fantastic
marketing image. Please find a copy attached. You should consider setting
up a franchise to sell this marketing campaign around the country. Not many
library systems will have the resources or commitment to create from
scratch such a powerful and effective image. It might be able to be used to
start some good marketing campaigns in other states.


Kitty P. Benson, MLS
Alaska Resources Library and Information Services (ARLIS)

This looks wonderful. I read the article yesterday, and I hope the idea gets copied everywhere!
Suzi Hayes, Past President SLA

I am a librarian at The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County in Youngstown, Ohio. I read the article about the Super Librarian concept in LIBRARY JOURNAL, the May 15, 2004 issue.

The idea is very clever and modern. I am so interested that I would like to purchase Super Librarian items, if they are for sale. Thank you very much. Good luck with the campaign.

Sincerely yours,
Karen L. Camp