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Super Librarian News Release


September 24, 2003

Susan Kaplan NJ State Library 609-984-3286
Richard Rinck Parker & Partners Marketing Resources 609-484-1859

NJ State Library presents first-ever state-wide marketing campaign featuring “Super Librarian”

Theme of campaign is “No boundaries, no limits, know your library.”

East Brunswick, NJ – The New Jersey State Library, in partnership with the NJ Library Association and the NJ Library Network, today presented the first major marketing campaign in the library system’s history. The goal of the campaign is to educate the public about the wealth of resources offered by the state’s 451 libraries, as well as to help dispel misconceptions about both libraries and librarians.

Among the dignitaries attending the press conference at the East Brunswick Public Library was celebrated author Mary Higgins Clark. Others participating in the press conference included NJ State Librarian Norma Blake and Pat Hannon, President of the NJ Library Association.

The campaign was created by Parker and Partners Marketing Resources of Absecon, NJ. It is centered around a television commercial airing on cable networks throughout the state. Launching the campaign in September coincides with the American Library Association’s National Library Card Sign-Up Month. Other campaign elements include posters featuring the “Super Librarian” character, a new web page (www.njlibraries.org) for the public to connect to their local library’s website, signage and promotional items.

The 30-second television advertisement portrays librarians as a type of super-hero, positioned to serve as a problem solver and as the ultimate resource serving the information needs of New Jersey’s citizens. The campaign’s slogan is “No boundaries, no limits, know your library.”

“The purpose of the campaign is to let residents of the state know that their world can be a far more interesting place with a library card,” said Pat Tumulty, Executive Director of the New Jersey Library Association. “Public libraries throughout New Jersey enlighten and empower our residents with information they need for work, school and life. This campaign informs people that when they need an answer, the library is the place to go and their local librarian is the person to ask.”

“Libraries contribute immeasurably to the quality of life in New Jersey. We are the universities of the people,” said Norma Blake, State Librarian. “Throughout New Jersey, 312 public library systems provide equal access to information in all its formats to the more than 8.5 million residents who call New Jersey home. Last year 42 million people visited New Jersey's public libraries and thousands more utilized library resources electronically. “Every day we see how the resources in our public libraries change lives,” Blake added.

Dramatic changes have taken place in the products and services offered by New Jersey’s public libraries in recent years, including:
• Remote on-line access to databases and the libraries’ catalogs
• Far-reaching programs and activities for various population segments
• DVDs, videos, compact discs, and books on tape
• Public access to computers, the Internet, and computer training
• In many facilities, a new, more relaxed atmosphere that promotes a social setting for community members to come together in a setting that is both comfortable and empowering

“This is not the public library of years ago,” says Blake. “Librarians don’t ‘shush’ people anymore. Conversation is encouraged. So, while we’ve clearly had some fun developing this campaign, our intent is to make people sit up and take notice, change perceptions people have of libraries and librarians, and influence residents throughout the state to take advantage of the extraordinary resources they have at their disposal.”