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Super Librarian Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Photo: Steve Garwood (5'9"), Program and Services
Coordinator for INFOLINK, poses with the Super Librarian

The State Library has purchased four life-size standup figures of the Super Librarian, for use at YOUR local library events. The standup figures live with the following hosts:

Camden County Library Reservation Instructions for this location
Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative Call for details:
Highlands Regional Library Cooperative Call for details:
800-NET-HRLC (800-638-4752) (Members Only)
Call for details:

You may go to any host you choose. To allow for travel time (on dry weather days, please), you may schedule a one-week loan for a local library appearance. While each host has developed their own method for scheduling and managing appearances, here are common guidelines for your information:

• Super Librarian figures appear at indoor events only.
• Your library director needs to approve your request.
• Be prepared for you or your staff to pick-up and return the figure to its host location – the figures should never be shipped via parcel post or mail service.
• The figure must be returned in its original cardboard box (4'x6'x1")
• No signs or other objects should be affixed to the standup figure at all.

Here’s where we need your help! The standup figures are made of corrugated board, and are costly to purchase/replace.

Please help us enable Super Librarian to make lots of appearances by keeping her strong, attractive, and fit to travel.