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Camden County Library is happy to host Super Librarian South

You can reserve Super Librarian South and have her visit your library for an event or just to display her to promote libraries and library services. All we ask is that you do the following:

Email Helen Elliot at helen@camden.lib.nj.us with the following information:

Helen will respond to your email to let you know if Super Librarian South is available for the time that you would like to have her visit your library.

If the time you chose has already been reserved for another library, she will let you know and you can choose alternate dates if that works for you, or you can contact her hosts in one of other Regions.

Your library is responsible for picking Super Librarian up and returning her. She folds up and will be packaged in her own box when you come to pick her up. The box measures approximately 38 inches wide, 45 inches high and 5 inches wide. Super Librarian is light, but she's awkward to move.

When you come to pick up Super Librarian, please come to the Information Desk on the first floor at the Voorhees Regional Branch. She will be waiting for you there. Please drop her off at the same place.

You may host Super Librarian for up to two weeks. We also ask that you place her behind a service desk or near a service desk so you can keep an eye on her.

If you have any questions about hosting Super Librarian South, please contact Helen Elliot via email. If you would like more information about the Super Librarian statewide marketing initiative, go to the State Library website (www.njstatelib.org) and click on Super Librarian!

Thanks, Karen

Karen Avenick
Assistant Director
Camden County Library